No Fee Credit card

Stop paying fees to use your credit card!

Credit Card Fee: (Definition) An annual financial charge payable to the issuer of a credit card. Credit card fees can range from a low of $19 or $29 per year, to a high of $199 or even $299. These fees are normally billed directly to your monthly or annual credit card statement.

No Fee Credit Cards List

We've compiled a comprehensive list of no fee credit cards for Canadians! Many no fee cards offer "reward and loyalty" programs as a bonus - like the CIBC No Fee Shopper's Drug Mart Optimum Visa (TM).

It's important to note that many credit cards (with annual fees) in Canada offer a variety of loyalty programs, like frequent flyer miles, car purchase points or even "cash back" rewards.

It's equally important to closely examine the "real cost" of those credit card benefits; as they may be costing you much more than meets the eye when you "add in" the annual fee.

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